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Forty percent of US children live in states where schools send BMI reports to parents (Thompson & Madsen, 2017). Millions of US children have been weighed in schools over the years due to School BMI Screening policies. Decades after these weigh-ins began, research has proved School BMI Screenings to be a failed policy. The screenings have yielded no positive child health outcomes on a population level or on an individual level. Instead, these screenings have actually proven harmful to students’ mental health (Thompson & Madsen, 2017).

What You Should Know

A 2021 study of 28,000 students in California Public Schools over 3 years found that School BMI Screenings “did not improve students’ weight status or physical health.” The screenings did, however, “decrease students’ satisfaction with their weight.” These screenings caused ‘body dissatisfaction’ which trigger a host of mental health problems (Madsen et al., 2021). No studies have found benefits to student on a population level or individual level from School BMI Screenings. After decades of measuring students’ BMI in schools—involving millions of school children—the School BMI Screening policies have proved a resounding failure.

To learn more about BMI screenings, download BE REAL’s Fact Sheet.

The Student Body Film

One student fights back against taking students’ private information in schools

The Student Body follows the inspiring story of a shy high school student turned brave journalist who seeks justice for her peers.  In many states, lawmakers have passed controversial mandates forcing school to perform body mass index (BMI) tests on students…

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To learn more about The Student Body Film & Lesson Plan, download The Student Body One-Pager.

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The CDC created guidelines for School BMI Screenings to preserve student confidentiality and protect student self-esteem. Unfortunately, in practice, these safeguards have rarely been used in schools (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2022).

e rarely been used in schools.

What You Can Do: OPT-OUT

Know Your Rights!


The CDC’s Safeguard 1 for BMI Measurements in Schools states that parents should receive a clear description of the student weigh-in program at their child’s school. Parents must be given the option of declining permission to measure their child’s BMI. Some programs use passive parental consent; that is, all students have their BMI measured unless parents send a written refusal. Here is a written refusal letter you can give to your child’s school. If you student is over 18, they can sign the letter themselves.

Click here to download a copy of the an Opt-Out letter you can use at school. 

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