“Our lives are not beauty pageants.”

-Renee Engeln

 Activists stormed the stage minutes after this picture was taken at the 1970 Miss World beauty contest to protest society’s obsession with women’s appearance.


70% of adolescent girls, and 45% of adolescent boys don’t like their bodies, leading to serious mental health consequences:

Body dissatisfaction is a risk factor for almost all eating disorders.

Body dissatisfaction is directly correlated to low self-esteem.

Research links body dissatisfaction to depression, isolation, and suicidal thoughts.

Body dissatisfaction is is linked to a lack of self-care including eating well, exercising and emotional awareness — if you don’t like your body, you don’t take care of it!

Body dissatisfaction is linked to risky sexual behavior — if you don’t like your body, you don’t care what happens to it!

We’ve been swimming in an appearance-obsessed culture for decades.

It’s been hard to see the water get more polluted over the years with all the toxic messages we get about bodies.

These are the effects of our culture on our young girls:

  • 34% of 5-year-old girls restrain their food intake
  • 40% of girls between 5 and 9 years old wish they were thinner
  • 33% of third grade girls report that they are afraid of becoming fat
  • 28% of 5-year-old girls want their bodies to look like the women they see in movies and on TV

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