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Schools are a crucial piece of the body confidence equation for kids

BE REAL. Workshops & Curriculum Resources

As teachers and parents, we see our kids struggling with body dissatisfaction every day. It is difficult to know what to say or to do to help. Luckily, there are decades worth of academic research on the topic. We know what causes body dissatisfaction. We have good ideas on how to effectively prevent it. And, when body dissatisfaction does happen, we can help to turn it around. 

BE REAL. Workshops

BE REAL has created two research-based workshops, one to train teachers on creating a body confident school environment and one for parents on body confidence at home. We have video training for teachers to present these workshops in their schools. Our Body Confident Schools workshop has been studied by STRIPED, the Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Body Confident Schools

Our educator workshop is called Body Confident Schools. This presentation is for eating disorder therapists, counselors, and teachers to present to educators in their local schools. To be certified to present this material at YOUR SCHOOL you will be sent a training video and a short test. This is not a curriculum for children; please see our Curriculum Resources section for kids’ curriculum.

Body Confident Kids

Our parent workshop is called Body Confident Kids, and is intended for school parent nights. To be certified to present this workshop at YOUR SCHOOL, you will be sent a training video and a short test. This is not a curriculum for children; please see our Curriculum Resources section for kids’ curriculum. 

If you are a teacher who might be interested in giving our workshops to 1) teachers at your school or 2) parents of students at a parent night at your school, please fill out the BE REAL Workshop Request Form. If you have attended one of our professional development training, we will send you the workshops right away.

If you have not attended our training, you can watch an engaging 90-minute video version instead. Following the training, you will be asked to complete a short test to ensure you understood the key concepts. After you pass that test, we will send you the workshops for you to use at your school.

BE REAL Workshop Request

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What people are saying about the BE REAL. Workshops:

“In 11 years of teaching, this was the best professional development I’ve been to!”

Sarah Major

Health Teacher, Mount Zion Junior High School, Mount Zion, Illiniois

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our educators! The reviews from our teachers on your workshops are fantastic!”

Lynette Baity

Special Projects Coordinator, Illinois Regional Office of Education #13, Mount Vernon, Illinois

“Thank you for your knowledge on the subject and your passion for creating a shift in our society!”

Julie Hazzard

Health Teacher, Collinsville High School, Collinsville, Illinois

“Can we please have more professional development just like this Workshop?”

“This presentation is great! We should have this Workshop for a school-wide break out session.”

“The Workshop is very insightful! I have already used information with kids at work and at social gatherings when this topic comes up.”

“This should be an all school workshop, not just for Health Teachers, Social Workers and Administrators.”

“This was a LOT of information! It was all extremely valuable and important!”

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