Our People

The BE REAL Team

Denise Hamburger

Founder & Executive Director

Denise’s experience with her own body dissatisfaction inspired her to help the next generation grow up with a healthier relationship to food and their body. Going back to school in her second act, she found a robust field of academic research on body image problems with tools that had not yet found their way to the teachers and children who needed them. She trained on three body image curricula and began to guest lecture to middle-school and high-school students in their health classes.

Once in the public schools, teachers were asking for resources to help with the widespread body image issues they were seeing every day. With the help of the Illinois State Board of Education, Denise created a workshop for teachers’ professional development called Body Confident Schools. In 2019 and 2020 Denise presented this workshop to over 400 health teachers, social workers, and school administrators in Illinois.

In her first career as an environmental lawyer, Denise wrote Pollution in the United Kingdom, published in London in 1993. For the last 25 years, she has been actively involved in school-based nonprofits, working to create quality educational opportunities for all children.

Janine Scheffler

BE REAL Ambassador

Janine Scheffler obtained a BSc in Food, Nutrition, and Health at the University of British Columbia, where she focused on psychology, nutrition, adult learning, and social determinants of health. After recovering from her own struggle with food, she completed various continuing education courses in intuitive eating, body positivity, and embodiment techniques for disordered eating. Janine has facilitated food literacy classes for students and is now teaching body image workshops to all ages. In her coaching practice, she integrates her education to help people learn how to eat based on individual body cues, create self-care practices, and find balance in all aspects of health. She is excited to fulfill her passion for teaching a weight-inclusive approach and spread body confidence across Canadian schools.

Shelley Navis

BE REAL Ambassador

Shelley Navis earned a B.A. in Psychology from Lawrence University and an MS in Professional Development from Winona State University, followed by a School Counseling Certificate from UW-Whitewater. She has worked with youth from preschool to adolescence and enjoys helping youth through the unique challenges at every stage. Shelley experienced her own body image issues from a young age and into adulthood, most notably during her time as a collegiate runner. Given her experiences with teachers and coaches who lacked knowledge on how to talk about loving one’s body, she hopes to work with schools to educate staff on how to help kids gain body confidence. Shelley believes that when kids are focused on what they can do instead of how they look, the whole world opens up for them!

Julie Meute

Creative Head, Graphic Design, Website Design

Julie Meute has always been one of those creative, type-A, perfectionist, up-at-all hours self-proclaimed nerds who sees life as something between a term paper and an exciting musical adventure. After living her dream job at The Oprah Winfrey Show for over a decade, and a fun 2-year gig with ABC 7’s Windy City Live, she left her television career to be a stay-at-home mom to her son, Gabriel. Sometime after those sleepless infant nights and drowsy baby days, Julie started her own design business, Jultap Productions.

Since then, Julie has helped numerous clients with their online presence from branding and email campaigns to graphics and website builds. She especially enjoys supporting brilliant business women who are making their beautiful marks on the world. In her free time, she is usually sewing clothes, dancing or creating an adventurous life with her husband and son.  Julie feels so blessed to have met Denise Hamburger and to have this opportunity to help promote BE REAL’s cause.

Summer Interns 2021

Juliana Obia

Juliana is a rising third-year studying Public Policy and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of Chicago. She is passionate about advocating and seeking justice for others. Juliana is excited to work with BE REAL and promote its mission of advocating for body confidence for all body types.

Miriam Nelson

Miriam is a rising first-year at Harvard College, where she intends to concentrate in Economics and Government. She became passionate about reforming body-image policy after seeing the harm done to students who were lined up and weighed in her middle-school gym class. She was encouraged to find that BE REAL was already doing the work that she had grown to care so much about. Miriam is excited for the opportunity to change policy for the better.

Raya Acha

Rayna Acha is a first year at the University of Chicago hoping to study Gender and Sexuality Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She has worked as a peer sex educator through Planned Parenthood and is excited to continue advocating for body acceptance with BE REAL! Rayna is excited to work with BE REAL to advocate for all bodies to be accepted regardless of size, race, ability, etc.

Joan Githinji

Joan is currently a freshman at the University of Chicago. She has struggled with her own body image and is passionate about helping others in their journey to self-love. Joan believes that her work with BE REAL will not only educate but empower others.

Verenice Trejo-Gomez

Verenice is a sophomore studying chemistry at the University of Chicago. She is excited to navigate her way through school districts and create BE REAL communities across the entire country. Verenice hopes that her role will lead to more children and women feeling confident and beautiful in their bodies.

Christina Hartman

Christina is a junior studying psychology and public policy at the University of Chicago. She is passionate about sharing voices and information for BE REAL and excited to join the social media journey. Christina appreciates the fight that BE REAL has undertaken and is excited to watch it grow.

Promise Ngirwe

Promise is a first year at the University of Chicago. Promise enjoys working with children and has spent years volunteering for her local Big Brothers Big Sisters program and as a Sunday School teacher. As a first generation Kenyan immigrant who grew up in rural Wisconsin, Promise struggled to have body confidence while surrounded by people who do not look like her. Promise is excited to work with BE REAL USA to amplify marginalized voices and inspire more students across the nation to be confident in themselves.

The BE REAL Board of Directors

Sarah Altar

Sarah Altar

President & CEO of The Network of Executive Women (NEW)

As CEO of NEW, Sarah leads a nonprofit learning, leadership and advocacy organization that represents more than 13,000 members, with over 1,000 corporate partners and 22 regions in the United States and Canada. Sarah works toward advancing gender equality and diversity in the retail, consumer goods, technology, and financial services industries. Sarah believes it’s time for more women leaders and more collaborative, flexible, and diverse workplaces for everyone.

Laura Eickman

Laura Eickman

Education Director at BE REAL. & Founder/Creator of REbel Curriculum

Laura Eickman, PsyD, is a psychologist and educator whose work focuses on eating disorders, body image, and empowerment. After earning degrees at the University of Nebraska and Baylor University, Laura provided psychotherapy in private practice for more than 10 years. Her commitment to educating the community about mental health and body acceptance eventually turned into her full-time career when she created the REbeL curriculum and began to work in the school setting. The name, REbeL, is based on the philosophy that we want students to “rebel” against conformity, peer pressure, the diet mentality, and our culture’s unrealistic appearance standards. Laura has spoken on these topics both nationally and internationally, and believes body confidence needs to be taught and encouraged everywhere. Laura and her husband live in Nebraska where she spends most of her time driving her three boys around. She also loves baking, yoga, and college football!
Lynn Slawsky

Lynn Slawsky

Executive Director of National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD)

Lynn Slawsky, MPA, PMP, came to ANAD with 15 years of experience working for nonprofit, hospital, university, and state government organizations. She previously served as ANAD’s Director of Community Relations. She has a background in project management as a certified PMP (Project Management Professional). She has a master’s degree in public administration from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. She also has a bachelor’s degree in international studies from Ohio State. Lynn enjoys being part of a weekly chef team at a soup kitchen preparing meals for low-income neighbors. She also enjoys mentoring young women in their careers. Lynn mostly loves spending time with her toddler, Ellie.

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