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BE REAL Ambassador

Become a BE REAL Ambassador

Be Real Ambassadors give presentations and workshops on body confidence to the adults in children’s lives. They learn on how to make shifts in thinking and behavior from what our current society–diet culture–sees as “normal” to create mentally healthier, body confident environments for children. Our audiences are parents and educators: teachers, coaches, school wellness professionals, and counselors.

Be Real has presented on Body Confident Schools and Be Real’s BodyKind high school, body image curriculum to the Harvard School of Public Health’s Eating Disorder Prevention Incubator, STRIPED; the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Health School’s Division; The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services Group: the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), Amazon’s Body Positive Peers Employee Resource Group; the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE) National Advocacy Conference; Quad Cities Eating Disorder Conference, Keynote; Iowa School Nurses Conference.

Current Ambassadors

Shelley Navis

Madison, WI

Shelley Navis earned a B.A. in Psychology from Lawrence University and an MS in Professional Development from Winona State University, followed by a School Counseling Certificate from UW-Whitewater. She has worked with youth from preschool to adolescence and enjoys helping youth through the unique challenges at every stage. Shelley experienced her own body image issues from a young age and into adulthood, most notably during her time as a collegiate runner. Given her experiences with teachers and coaches who lacked knowledge on how to talk about loving one’s body, she hopes to work with schools to educate staff on how to help kids gain body confidence. Shelley believes that when kids are focused on what they can do instead of how they look, the whole world opens up for them!

Stephanie Proud

Cedar Rapids, IA

Stephanie is a Registered Dietitian and nutrition therapist. After graduating from Bradley University with a degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics and minors in Psychology and Health, she completed her dietetic internship at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. After a long clinical career specializing in nutrition support for GI disorders, she felt a call to pursue another passion. Having experienced how diet culture negatively impacted her and others around her and having been on her own journey to food freedom, she began her private practice in 2021.

As the owner of Proud Peaceful Nutrition, she uses the principles of Intuitive Eating to help others make peace with food, exercise and their bodies and approach their health from a place of self respect and autonomy. She also provides eating disorder care and support and is working toward her CEDS designation.

Fun fact, Stephanie also works in a high school health office while building her nutrition practice and her husband is a school administrator. This is where her worlds collided and she realized the need for educating school staff, students and parents on body image and diet culture. She is thrilled to partner with Be Real USA  as an ambassador!

Janine Scheffler

British Columbia, Canada

Janine Scheffler obtained a BSc in Food, Nutrition, and Health at the University of British Columbia, where she focused on psychology, nutrition, adult learning, and social determinants of health. After recovering from her own struggle with food, she completed various continuing education courses in intuitive eating, body positivity, and embodiment techniques for disordered eating. Janine has facilitated food literacy classes for students and is now teaching body image workshops to all ages. In her coaching practice, she integrates her education to help people learn how to eat based on individual body cues, create self-care practices, and find balance in all aspects of health. She is excited to fulfill her passion for teaching a weight-inclusive approach and spread body confidence across Canadian schools.

Gabriella Giachin

Charleston, SC

Gabriella Giachin received her masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University, and has a special interest in women’s mental health, body image and social media, and adolescent development, especially in relation to food, diet and body-confidence. While working with Be Real, Gabriella also practices as a therapist with Forward in Heels, a private therapy practice based in NYC. Before joining the Be Real team, she worked with ANAD, a nonprofit focused on eating disorder work, where she ran support groups for individuals of all ages struggling with eating disorders. Prior to earning her masters degree Gabriella worked in event planning and marketing, where she honed her skills prior to switching career direction. Gabriella is passionate about bringing awareness to the crisis of body-dissatisfaction seen in todays adolescents, and is working to help Be Real raise funds to distribute our BodyKind Curriculum.

Marlena Urbain, LSW

East Moline, IL

My name is Marlena Urbain and I am currently in my 18th year as a school social worker.  I worked for 10 years at Black Hawk Area Special Education in East Moline, IL, and have been with the Moline-Coal Valley for the past 8 years.  I spend 90% of my work week at the middle school level.  While I primarily work with students who receive special education services, I work closely with our school counselors who support the general education population.  I also incorporate the services of Cooper, my mini Goldendoodle, who is a certified therapy dog. He joins me at work 3 days a week.  I’m so excited to receive the training to become a BE REAL Ambassador to help support students and staff within my building.

Ally Latvala

Chapel Hill, NC

Ally is a rising senior studying nutrition and psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She hopes to one day work as a Registered Dietitian for people with eating disorders. She has learned through school and personal experience the importance of self-love for overall health. She is thrilled to have the opportunity at BE REAL to share this message with students of all backgrounds. 

Verenice Gomez-Trejo

Chicago, IL

Verenice is studying chemistry at the University of Chicago. She is excited to navigate her way through school districts and create BE REAL communities across the entire country. Verenice hopes that her role will lead to more children and women feeling confident and beautiful in their bodies.

Leticia Mercado

Chicago, IL

Leticia plans on double majoring in Sociology and Gender and Sexuality studies at The University of Chicago. She is passionate about the work of nonprofits and hopes to dedicate her career towards improving the lives of others. Because of these goals, BE REAL’s mission resonates with Leticia and she is excited to see how BE REAL has, and will continue to, improve the lives of others. 

The Ambassador Program

BE REAL Ambassadors are trained to give professional development workshops and presentations to educators using BE REAL’s resources. If you would like to become a BE REAL Ambassador we would love to have you join us! Just follow the process below. 


$250 donation to BE REAL (needs-based options available)


View 90-minute training video


Take 20-question test. When you get a 90% on test, we will contact you with links to these materials:

  • Body Confident Schools: 60-minute presentation with “talk track” in speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Schools: Half-Day Professional Development Presentation with “talk track” in speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Kids:  60-minute parent presentation for parent nights with “talk track” in the speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Schools Agenda for participants, editable in Canva
  • Branded letter to give to schools for presentations, editable in Canva
  • Body Confident Schools Advertisement Flyers, editable in Canva
  • Branded invoice for Body Confident Schools presentation, editable in Canva
  • Parent Night Letter template, editable in Canva
  • Participant Postcards, highlights of slides, printable from Canva

BE REAL Ambassador certificate

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