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BE REAL Ambassador

Become a BE REAL Ambassador

BE REAL Ambassadors give presentations and workshops on body confidence to the adults in children’s lives. Our participants learn how to make shifts in thinking and behavior from what our current society–diet culture–sees as “normal” to create mentally healthier, more body confident environments for children. Our audiences are parents and educators: teachers, coaches, school wellness professionals, and counselors.

 BE REAL has presented on Body Confident Schools and BE REAL’s BodyKind high school, body image curriculum to the Harvard School of Public Health’s Eating Disorder Prevention Incubator, STRIPED; the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Health School’s Division; The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services Group: the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), Amazon’s Body Positive Peers Employee Resource Group; the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE) National Advocacy Conference; Quad Cities Eating Disorder Conference, Keynote; Iowa School Nurses Conference.

Meet Stephanie Burrough, BE REAL Ambassador Program Coordinator and learn more about how you can become a BE REAL Ambassador.

Current Ambassadors

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The Ambassador Program

BE REAL Ambassadors are trained to give professional development workshops and presentations to educators using BE REAL’s resources. If you would like to become a BE REAL Ambassador we would love to have you join us! Just follow the process below. 


$250 donation to BE REAL (needs-based options available)


View 170-minute training video


Take 20-question test. When you get a 90% on test, we will contact you with links to these constantly updated materials:

  • Body Confident Schools: 60-minute presentation with “talk track” in speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Schools: Half-Day Professional Development Presentation with “talk track” in speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Kids:  60-minute parent presentation for parent nights with “talk track” in the speaker’s notes
  • Body Confident Schools Agenda for participants, editable in Canva
  • Branded letter to give to schools for presentations, editable in Canva
  • Body Confident Schools Advertisement Flyers, editable in Canva
  • Branded invoice for Body Confident Schools presentation, editable in Canva
  • Parent Night Letter template, editable in Canva
  • Participant Postcards, highlights of slides, printable from Canva

BE REAL Ambassador certificate